Our office and factory are closed from 1st of July until 14th of July 2019.
Please send us your orders latest on 25th of June to be sure those can be sent out before our holiday. Please notice that also 24th of June is a national holiday in Estonia, we will not be working on this day.

We wish you a wonderful and hot summer!

Our first all-in -one boiler is available to order now! A small and compact unit combines a vertical flame pellet burner with a unique construction, a boiler with built-in ash cyclone, a pellet auger, a silo and an expansion tank. With its smart house controller it can manage your house heating system and also a second heat source (if installed) to keep your house on preset temperature. Read more about the PK Combi boiler here.




Now you can connect your burner online also over a Wi-Fi! It is no longer necessary to organize cable connection for the boiler room! Wi-Fi module and burner programmer EP0013 is connected with burner and local WI-FI router, it can be used as a wireless internet module for Pelltech’s burners and boilers and as a standalone in-system programmer.

PV 1500 is a biggest capacity burner in our product line. It has similar construction and similar features to our all other industrial burners, but growing demand for bigger capacities inspired us to develope something new (and bigger) again. Even though it is a quite young product, we have many of them already drying tea in Argentina and producing steam in Sweden. More detailed information about PV 1500 you will find here.