Canada produces 71% of the world’s pure maple syrup with 91% originating from within Quebec. The syrup is extracted by drilling holes into the maple trees to collect the exuded sap which is then heated to remove the excess water. The challenging part is that the sap runs only when the night is below 0⁰C degrees and the day is above 0⁰C degrees. It means that the system must be up and running at all times to be able to react to the output of sap.
Evaporators are used to get the right syrup consistency. This however needs a lot of energy and that is where our burners can help to keep the costs down. Mostly our 1 MW burners are used in maple syrup evaporators.
In this kind of systems no temperature based control is used because of continuous production. During the process, syrup that´s ready is removed and new sap is added. Our burner is running on full power to hold the mixture near the boiling temperature. The whole process has full time human supervision. Traditions and skills handed down from previous generations are used to create a high quality product.