Air heater in furniture factory

This is our first hot air generator PC250,  installed in November last year (2023) in South of Estonia and working with our PV250 burner. There is a furniture factory in an old warehouse and no central heating system built for production hall (as a warehouse it did not need any heating).  Best option to heat that kind of rooms is directly with hot air,  because the energy consumption is small and you get fast warm air only on the time people need it . Our hot air generator is installed in separate boiler room, heat is delivered through big pipes and distributed equally in the room with help of ventilators under the ceiling.  The heater is working by the room temperature, it has our Touch Controller installed and is remotely configurable online like all our boilers and burners. The heated room reaches about 4000m2 and 5m height, the air for the heater is taken from the same room.

The Silo of 12 tons locates next to the heater behind a separator wall and is enough for about 5-6 weeks during the wintertime (pellet consumption during the winter is around 8-9 tons in a month).