• Online monitoring

    Burner internet connection for remote control, data logging and firmware updating

  • Fast ignition

    Electrical ignites ensures fast and smokeless ignition

  • Fuel level control

    Provides precise fuel dosing  and offers a graph of fuel consumption

  • Intelligent Power Modulation

    Selects suitable power level according to heat consumption

  • Backup battery

    In case of interruption, burning cycle will be finished safely to avoid back burning

  • Low Power Consumption

    Optimal power efficiency

  • Draught and Lambda control

    Precise draught control with fluegas fan and draught sensor. Lambda control for high burning efficiency.

  • Fan Speed Control

    Precise control of fan speed for optimal performance and safety

  • User friendly interface

    Intuitive and easy to use interface with comprehensive manual included

FuelWood pellets 6...8mm
Maximum fuel consumptionkg/h73
Power output at heat upkW30
Power output holding flamekW6
Minimum boiler furnance diameter requiredmm600
Minimum boiler furnace lenght requiredmm1700
Maximum flue gas amount (at 200C)m3/h900
Optimal O2 concentration%4...6
Required chimney diametermm≥ 200
Power consumption at ignitionW800
Power consumption at standbyW20
Power supply3x400 VAC, 3A
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm981x650x530
Burning chamber dimensions (LxWxH)mm500x371x349
Pellet inlet diametermm76
Burner weightkg95
Industrial augers

Pellet auger is a device that transports pellets from silo to the burner according to the fuel amount needed. Burner controls the auger, calculates the fuel amount (using an internal feeder and fuel level sensors) and gives the command to the auger on a right moment to start or stop. We produce pellet augers with a length starting of  1,5 m and by request we can deliver an auger up to 9m. Our standard solutions of augers are up to 6m.

To choose the right auger, please look at the table below.

ProductAuger lengthSuitable for the burnersTube materialSpiral diameterMotor powerReducer
PA60146 m100/ 180/ 250 kWplastic60 mm140 W1:60
PA40604 m50/ 100/ 180/ 250 kWplastic60 mm60 W1:60
PA40374 m350/ 500/ 700 kWplastic60 mm370 W1:28
PA60376 m250/ 350/500/700 kWplastic60 mm370 W1:28
PA40554 m700/ 1000 kWplastic60 mm550 W1:20
PA60556 m700/ 1000 kWplastic60 mm550 W1:20
PA40754 m1000/ 1500 kWplastic60 mm750 W1:10
PA60756 m1000/ 1500 kWplastic60 mm750 W1:10

Most of the electronics in our product catalog are developed in the house, with the aim to offer our customers a higher of comfort level when using our burners and boilers. Wired or wireless temperature sensors and internet modules give the opportunity to control your home heating level in your smartphone any time needed. Same type of sensors can be used in industrial processes where stable temperature is with critical importance. With different controllers, sensors and modules we have solved hundreds of demands in all kind of appliances (steam production, milk pasteurization, tea drying etc).

Product categoryDescription
INTERNET MODULESInternet module for the burner
Internet module for the boiler
Wifi module for the burner
Wifi module for the boiler
SENSORSWired and wireless temperature sensors for room and outdoor temperature measuring
Boiler temperature sensors 3 - 15m
Oxygen sensors (Lambda sensors) to connect with the burner and with the boiler
Flue gas temperature sensors
Flue gas fans
Fan typeSuitability
MF0050PV20 /30 /50
KK 6-6,8PV100
KK 7-12,5PV100/ 180
KK 8-18PV180/ 250
KK 8-32PV350
KK 9-33PV500/ 700
KK 10-65PV1000
KK 11-80PV1000/ 1500
KK 13-150PV1000/ 1500

To ensure the cleanest flue gases and to catch all possible fine particles, we provide ash cyclones for our burners starting from 250kW.

Ash cyclones for following burners:

  • PV250/ PV350
  • PV500
  • PV700
  • PV1000
  • PV1500

If you found a product and need further assistance or would like to order it then do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales department is ready for you via phone (+372) 677 5277 or email us using the button nearby.