Twin furnace pellet fired steam boiler in India

Twin Furnace Pellet fired Steam Boiler – one of its kind solution, carried out by our Indian partner Woodpecker BioEnergy

Application industry: Neutraceutical, Herbal Extracts, Organic products, Phytochemicals, natural essential oils, spices and seasonings, etc.

Many industries are looking for more cost efficient and clean fuel(most important) for their heating process (steam, hot air/water generation, thermic fluid heating, etc).

A large number of industries which are using high cost oil/gas fired equipment are investing in converting their heating process to pellet fired heating which is cost efficient and climate friendly.

This is a 1500kg/hr twin furnace steam boiler powered with 2 x PV500. The burners regulate the power automatically according to the usage of steam in the process. Multiple provisions are provided for ash cleaning and easier maintenance for the client. There is a 500kg pellet tank attached to each burner for storage of pellets.