Viljandi Deluxe furniture boilerhouse

Many industry’s have moved their production into old farm buildings. After minimal renovations they are faced with a question how to heat these large production areas and  demanding warehouses. Due to high ceilings there is a lot of air to heat. The easiest way to do it is to use water – air caloriferes and a central pellet boilerhouse.

Viljandi Deluxe complex has a little bit over 10 000 m2 of heating surface. Complex consists of several wings so there are many outer walls which increases the heat demand even more. Our client needed a quick solution with a cost efficient solution. We decided to present them our first ever container boilerhouse – a two-storied solution. On the bottom half we have our PK1000 boiler, PV 700a burner,  ash cyclone with a flue gas fan. On top of the container we have two Mafa Villa silo bottoms. Two augers transport the pellets down to the burner. With such configuration it is possible to store up to 12 tons of pellets.

The boiler has several automatic cleaning systems. Two linear motors clean the third pass by moving the turbulators. On the bottom of the furnace lies ash auger which collects the ash from the back side into the ash bin that is located outside of the container.

TYPEPV 700aPelltech Everclean 1000
POWERMax 700 kWMax input 990kW / max output 920kW
WORKING CYCLE FROM 24h24h (modulating power level)
SENSOR TYPE0-10V Temperature sensorVarious temperature sensors