Like food industries in general, milk products have also high sanitary and quality requirements, it is important to ensure good shelf life and to destroy disease causing microorganisms. The existence of reliable and flexible heat source which can keep the system running without stops, is unavoidable. That is the place where our 700kW burners play very important role.

The burner, being the heart of the heat generation, heats up the water. Through the heat exchanger system hot water is pumped into the pasteurization system. The pasteurizer divides and uses the water inside it´s heat exchangers to transfer heat to the raw milk. Heating time and needed temperature for each batch of milk depends on the type of the end product produced. After the hot water has passed through the pasteurization system it circles back to the boiler to be heated and the cycle starts again.

Milk temperature is kept above and around 95 ⁰C all the time. In this case the system is “HHST”, what means continuous, higher heat shorter time pasteurization. For supplying the system with the right temperature of water, our burners ability to keep a very constant temperature is important. Burner works by taking into account and changing it´s power level according to the system temperature and the speed of temperature changing.

Type2x PV 700a2x Viessmann Vitoplex 200-1100kW
First set700 kW1100 kW
Second set700 kW1100 kW
Working power level2x 300-500 kW2x 300-500 kW
Working cycle from 24h12 h12 h
Sensor type0-10V temperature sensorsVarious temperature sensors
Water capacity4660 l
Installed in20132013