The development of our industrial line boilers has got a big boost recently!

As you know PK1000 is available already for a while, in fact we have some boilers working in Estonia and some already exported. Now the PK500 and PK250 have reached the phase of first serial production units!  For next there will be PK700 and PK350. Even though not all boilers have outpaced the testing period yet, in case you have a project where industrial boiler is needed, please ask, most probably you will get it! Fact to remember – all our boilers have a high efficiency due the 6 different cleaning mechanisms!

Together with the industrial boilers, we are working to offer you everything needed for complete boiler house: ash removal systems (already available), ash containers (available), cyclones (most of them already updated and available, some are in updating process).
Moreover, if you need a complete boiler house, we can install all necessary into a container and send it to you! Ask an offer!