2 x PV700 burners keep milk temperature above and around 95 ⁰C all the time.

700kW burner heating a green house

Our first all-in -one boiler is available to order now! A small and compact unit combines a vertical flame pellet burner with a unique construction, a boiler with built-in ash cyclone, a pellet auger, a silo and an expansion tank. With its smart house controller it can manage your house heating system and also a second heat source (if installed) to keep your house on preset temperature. Read more about the PK Combi boiler here.




Now you can connect your burner online also over a Wi-Fi! It is no longer necessary to organize cable connection for the boiler room! Wi-Fi module and burner programmer EP0013 is connected with burner and local WI-FI router, it can be used as a wireless internet module for Pelltech’s burners and boilers and as a standalone in-system programmer.

6 x 1 MW burners working on maple syrup evaporators